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Don't get left behind. Running Google Ads for your business is an excellent way to grow in 2024!

With over 5.9 million Google searches per minute, and with 66% of web traffic referrals coming through Google, your business needs to be running paid search and display advertising campaigns on Google. Simply put, running Google Ads in South Africa is a highly effective way of generating more leads and sales for your business. Take the next steps in your business growth by partnering with a Google Ads company like SCOPE.

The benefits of Google Ads in South Africa

Maximise your business potential with Google Ads, where precision targeting connects you with your ideal customer exactly when they’re searching for what you offer. With Google Ads, you have the power of real-time analytics at your fingertips, providing transparent data to guide your strategic decisions.

Are you ready to use Google paid search to take your business to the next level? Located in Cape Town, SCOPE Digital Agency is a certified Google Ads Management agency with a mission to help businesses flourish in the digital space. Get started with our range of Google Ads services.

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Our Google Ads Services

Our Google Ads management service include high converting landing page design, custom strategies, keyword research and data-driven analysis to boost your brand online.

Conversion Tracking

We set up comprehensive tracking on your website to measure conversions, linking them back to ad spend, allowing us to accurately report on ROAS.

Strategy Development

Our team crafts tailored ad strategies focused on your specific goals, ensuring alignment with both your business objectives and evolving market trends.

Performance Analysis

Our certified Google Ad specialists continually evaluate your ads’ performance, using advanced analytics to optimise strategies for better engagement and results.

Keyword Research

We conduct in-depth research to identify the most effective keywords, ensuring they align with your audience’s search habits for optimum reach.

Account & Campaign Setup

We expertly set up your Google Ads account and campaigns, laying a solid foundation for effective targeting and ad delivery.

Account Management

You’ll partner with a dedicated account manager who oversees every aspect of your Google Ads account, ensuring comprehensive and personalised management.

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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerful digital marketing tool that connects you directly to millions of active searchers online. Ideal for any size of business, Google Ads adapts to various advertising budgets, making it a flexible solution for your marketing needs. Harness the potential of Google Search, Display, and Shopping Ads to position your brand precisely when potential customers are looking for products or services like yours.

Google Ads drives high-intent traffic to your site, allowing you to engage with consumers actively seeking what you offer. This pay-per-click model ensures you only invest in ads that perform, maximizing your return on investment. E-commerce businesses can see a substantial increase in sales, while service-based sectors can generate valuable leads that could convert into long-term clients. Embrace the efficiency of Google Ads and transform the way you reach and interact with your audience.

Types of Google Advertising in South Africa

If your goal is to increase brand exposure, boost sales, or generate more leads for your business, there’s a suitable Google ad format tailored to your needs.

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Display Ads

Google Display for advertising uses eye-catching visuals to promote your business on numerous websites, attracting and reengaging with potential customers. Using the Google Display Network, your ads can appear on relevant sites, engaging users as they browse, shop, or read online, thus maximising your impact and driving meaningful engagement.

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Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads display your products directly in Google’s search results, featuring images, prices, and your business name. They’re ideal for e-commerce brands, linking customers straight to your product page, and are also charged per click, enhancing visibility and sales

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Video Ads

Google Video Ads, primarily shown on YouTube and across the web, engage viewers with dynamic content. They range from skippable in-stream ads to non-skippable bumper ads, charged by views or interactions, effectively boosting brand presence.

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How much do Google Ads cost in South Africa?

The cost of Google Ads in South Africa varies based on factors such as the competitiveness of your keywords, industry, and the quality of your ad campaigns. Generally, you can start with any budget, but the average cost-per-click can range from R1 or R2 to more than R100, depending on the niche your business is in. It’s important to remember that with Google Ads, you have control over your budget, and costs are flexible to your business needs.

It’s advisable to consider your campaign goals and consult with a Google Ads specialist near you before running any advertising campaigns. We recommend you use our Google Ads cost calculator to estimate the ROI generated from your PPC campaigns.

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Benefits of Working with a Google Ads Agency

Partnering with a Google Adwords Agency offers a multitude of advantages for businesses in South Africa looking to maximise their online advertising efforts. These agencies bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, ensuring that your Google Ads campaigns are strategically planned and executed for optimal results. By entrusting your advertising to professionals who understand the nuances of the platform, you can save valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

One of the key benefits of working with a Google Ads agency is cost-efficiency. These agencies are adept at maximising your advertising budget, minimising wasteful spending, and ensuring that each Rand is strategically invested in campaigns that deliver tangible results. Additionally, the best Google Ads agencies in South Africa leverage data-driven insights and analytics to continually refine and optimise your campaigns, providing you with measurable results and a clear understanding of the impact of your advertising efforts.

This partnership not only enhances your online visibility and reach but also empowers your business to stay competitive in the dynamic world of digital advertising, all while providing peace of mind that your advertising is in capable hands.

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Google Ads FAQs

When you choose SCOPE Digital Agency as your Google Ads specialists, we’ll set you up with a R6,000 ads voucher. Please note that this applies to new accounts only.

A good monthly budget for Google Ads can vary depending on your specific business goals, target audience, and the competitiveness of your industry. However, for optimum results, we recommend starting with a budget of at least R5,000 per month. This amount allows for enough ad spend to test different strategies, keywords, and ad formats, giving you a clearer insight into what works best for your business.

To find a Google AdWords Certified Company in South Africa, you can start by visiting the official Google Partner directory. This online resource lists certified companies that have met Google’s requirements for certification, demonstrating their expertise and proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns.

Yes, Google Ads can be highly effective when executed properly. However, the effectiveness on the performance of your campaigns depends on several factors, including the relevance of your keywords, the quality of your ad copy, and how well your campaigns are managed. When these elements align, Google Ads can be a powerful tool for driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing conversions.

The success of your campaigns is significantly improved when you choose the right Google Ads specialist for your business. Certified specialists have undergone training and passed exams to demonstrate their proficiency in Google Ads.

SCOPE Digital Agency is a certified google ads company. Reach out and let’s discuss your requirements.

Absolutely, Google Ads can be a valuable tool for small businesses. Its cost-effective, pay-per-click model allows for budget control and scalability. With precise targeting options, even businesses with small budgets can effectively reach their desired audience. Plus, Google Ads’ detailed analytics aid in continuously refining strategies for better results, making it a practical choice for small businesses aiming to enhance visibility and attract more customers.