Google Ads Cost Calculator

Calculate your estimated Google Ads Costs with our free cost calculator. This easy to use tool helps you calculate and plan your ad spend and budget effectively, providing a clear understanding of potential costs and ROI for your Google Adwords campaigns.

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Estimate Your Google Ads Costs and ROI

Simply insert your monthly Google Ads budget, the average CPC and your estimated website conversion rate to work out your ROI from running Google Ads. If you’re looking to run Google Ads in South Africa, we highly recommend making use of this easy to use cost and budget calculator.

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google ads cost calculator

Google Ad Costs

Your estimated monthly Google Ads budget.

The estimated cost per click for your ads.

The percent of people who convert on your website.

Your Sales Metrics

Percentage of leads that result in a sale.

Average revenue generated per sale.

The monthly cost of your agency (optional).

Results from PPC

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Understanding the Google Ad Costs Calculator

Monthly Google Ads Budget

In this field, input your projected monthly budget for Google Ads. This is the total amount you plan to spend on Google AdWords campaigns each month. Be realistic in your estimate to get the most accurate calculation of potential ad performance

Average Cost Per Click (CPC)

Here, you’ll need to enter the average cost you pay for each click on your Google Ads. This cost varies based on your industry and the competitiveness of your keywords. If you’re unsure, start with a benchmark figure for your industry and adjust as you gather more data.

Average Website Conversion Rate (%)

This field is for your average website conversion rate, represented as a percentage. This rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who take the desired action (like making a purchase or filling out a quote request). A higher percentage indicates a more effective ad campaign and website design.

Lead Close Rate (%)

Enter the percentage of leads generated from your website that result in a sale. This metric helps in understanding the effectiveness of your sales funnel and customer acquisition strategy.

Average Revenue per Sale

Provide an average amount of revenue you earn from each sale. This figure helps in calculating the overall return on investment (ROI) from your ad spend.

Agency Management Fees

If you’re using a digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads, include the monthly fees here. This helps in getting a more comprehensive understanding of your total advertising costs.


A Google Ads Cost Calculator is an online tool that helps you estimate the budget required for your Google Ads campaigns. It considers various factors like average cost per click, conversion rate, and more to give you a comprehensive cost estimate so you can work out your ROI.

To estimate your Google Ads expenses, you can use our Google Ads Cost Calculator. Just input details like your monthly budget, average cost per click (CPC), conversion rate, and other sales metrics to get an accurate estimate.

Yes, our free Google Ads Calculator can help you estimate the ROI of your campaigns by analysing your ad spend, conversion rate, and sales metrics.

An AdWords Cost Estimator helps in planning your budget, understanding potential expenses, and making informed decisions about your AdWords campaigns.

While a Google PPC Cost Estimator provides a good baseline, the accuracy depends on how closely the inputted data reflects your actual ad spend and campaign performance.

This calculator should be used as a guideline to measure your ROI and ROAS from your campaigns.

The Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Ads is influenced by various factors, including industry competition and the inherent value of the advertised product or service.

In highly competitive industries, such as insurance, the CPC can be quite high, sometimes reaching up to R700. On the other hand, for less competitive markets or products with lower commercial value, the CPC can be as low as R1.

The best Google Ads agencies effectively manage your CPC by continuously optimising your ad campaigns. This involves refining ad copy, engaging in A/B split testing to improve click-through rates, and thereby potentially lowering your CPC.